“The Destiny of Lesser Animals,” review by Clinton Stark, The Stark Insider (October 11, 2011) “Albright’s keen direction, along with Nunoo’s impressive acting, make for a compelling drama. It’s strong evidence that the West African cinematic tradition has an important place in the world of film….”

“The Destiny of Lesser Animals; deceptive title, great movie,” by Ernest Dela Aglanu, My Joy Online (October 8, 2011) “The lessons and images in the movie are so real and powerful. It has been adapted so well that one finds him or herself in at least a character in the production.”

“Cinema: Exclusive Review; The Destiny of Lesser Animals,” by PaJohn Dadson, The Accra Mail (October 5, 2011) “There is a certain mixed feeling that engulfs you as you watch the very engaging and accomplished debut feature…It is not a Ghanaian movie. It is Ghanaian cinema!”

Looking at Film Independent's 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival Awards,” by Eric Shlapack, Examiner.com (June 29, 2011) "…a Ghanaian crime thriller that goes beyond the genre to become a work of art.”

“The Destiny of Lesser Animals: Film Review,” by Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter (June 24, 2011) “Accomplished debut feature capitalizes on dynamic African location….A film with a level of authenticity and resonance…with a distinct sense of place.”

“L.A. Film Fest Review: ‘The Destiny Of Lesser Animals’ Is A Study In Identity,” by Leah Zak, indieWIRE (June 24, 2011) “…a thoughtful look at a man rediscovering the country that raised him, and how he finds happiness…a wonderful showcase of a country that one rarely sees justified on film.”

“2011 Los Angeles Film Festival reviews: The Destiny of Lesser Animals,” by Eric Shlapack, Examiner.com (June 20, 2011) “…a multi-generational story with something for viewers of all ages and mindsets…. both riveting and poignant, subtle but clear.” 

“The Destiny of Lesser Animals,” by Elliot V. Kotek, MovingPicturesNetwork.com (June 18, 2011) “[Reveals] with a thoughtful sensitivity, that freedom and peace are not just political constructs but personal ones also…[and] subtly and successfully suggests that we must consider where our real home lies.” 

“The Lessons of ‘Lesser Animals’,” by Deron Albright, MovingPicturesNetwork.com (June 18, 2011)  

“The Future of African Cinema,” by Charles Mudede, The Stranger (June 7, 2011)  “Fascinating…[We] are thrown into a maze [that] flows with sexual desire, market goods, and social/personal memories....The Destiny of Lesser Animals can be seen as the African transformation of the detective cinema.”

“The Future of African Cinema,” by Charles Mudede, The Stranger (June 7, 2011)“SIFF Week 4: 15 New Picks & Pans,” capsule review by Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly (June 8, 2011)  “…effectively [grafts] a stolen-gun plot onto the bigger canvas of Third World aspiration and Western indifference…Rich in texture, respectable in action.”

“SIFF Notes 2011,” capsule review by Jen Graves, The Stranger (May 18, 2011)  “Don’t Miss! Yao B. Nunoo’s performance…makes the film.”

"The Destiny of Lesser Animals," review by Howard Feinstein, Screen Daily (March 29, 2011) "The antinomies of Ghana…are on full display….of cultural and yes, aesthetic interest…a rare contemporary thriller from sub-Saharan Africa."

"Meet the 2011 ND/NF Filmmakers: The Destiny of Lesser Animals," Director Deron Albright by indieWIRE (March 28, 2011)

"Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: New Directors/New Films," by Howard Feinstein, Filmmaker Magazine (March 20, 2011) "Go For It!...offers satisfying glimpses of a nation and its culture….Well worth a see."

"New Directors, better films: Annual New York festival showcases emerging talent," by Doris Toumarkne, Film Journal International (March 28, 2011) "…giving the finger to genre conventions…it delivers emotionally"

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"The Destiny of Lesser Animals; Meek's Cutoff" review by Louis Proyect, (March 30, 2011) "…fascinating….made [by] younger talents who show great promise."

"The Destiny of Lesser Animals at New Directors/New Films," review by We Heart New York (April 3, 2011) "…captivates and enthralls…"

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"New Directors/New Films 2011," review by Kent Turner, Nora Lee Mandel, and Yana Litovsky, Film-Forward.com (March 25, 2011) "…plenty of grit…clear-headed and moving…"

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